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Head baker 

Head Baker

Well I guess if you're applying for this job then you should probably know what it entails to some degree. You would have already been a head baker before or you will have worked under one.

Im looking for someone quite special, a leader, someone with skill and also someone with passion & creativity. It's a job that requires former experience in sourdough breads and laminated doughs (you will need to be solid in these two departments).

You would be taking charge of a small team of 4 including yourself. Responsibilities would be

  • Rotas
  • consistent product production
  • inspiring your team
  • menu writing
  • menu costing.
  • managing team on daily basis
  • Orders 
  • staff training 

This is a small independent bakery that prides itself on what we produce and how we treat each other. We are moving towards a completely seasonal offering using only British suppliers. The person in charge of the kitchen needs to be excited about seasonal produce and keeping the food we create simple but exciting.

You would be in constant contact with the bakery owner who will oversee all of your work and help to create something magic with you. Cut the mustard has never had a head baker before as the owner has run the kitchen himself for the past 9 years but as the business evolves this position has now opened up.

We really want someone to come in and add some great new qualities but also keep to our business/cooking philosophies.

44 hours per week 

5am starts 4pm finishes 

Weekends Plus weekdays 

Salary: £36,000.00-£38,500.00 per year



Hello, wanna help make the kitchen tick. We're looking for good people to come and work in our bakery.

Kitchen/baking Experience would be great, if you don't have this its still possible this job could be for you if you have a good work ethic and common sense. This is hard work, but if you love food then there's nothing better. 

Pay dependent on experience starting @£12ph 

33/44 hours per week 

5am starts 4pm finishes 

weekends plus weekdays - You will get at least one weekend off per month. 

You will only ever work a maximum of 4 shifts per week 

What to send 

In subject write - NAME - JOB APPLYING FOR (this will help us find your cv if its stored until a position becomes available)

Job role applying for (if not one, what your looking for)

Cover letter explaining why you would like to work at CTM 

Available start date / working availability / holidays booked 

C.V showing relevant experience (if you don't have professional experience in this field you can still apply, please explain in cover letter why you feel you could be of value) 

Who to send 

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